Aiden Siobhan
Aiden Siobhan is an Associate Agent at Laura Dail Literary Agency. They are based out of Fort Worth, Texas.

Aiden graduated from UNC School of the Arts in 2023 with a Filmmaking BFA specializing in Screenwriting and Animation. Before Aiden became an agent, they interned at LDLA for two sessions and was an Author Mentor Match mentee in 2022. When they’re not binge reading an LGBTQ+ YA novel, they work as the Art Director for two alternative newspapers, attend film festivals for their documentary projects, and go on road trips with their fiancé and dogs.

Aiden is looking mainly for YA and MG genre fiction, and they will love any story that is diverse, heartfelt, beautifully written, and makes them stay up reading until 3 A.M. Send them your trope-filled, high stakes, addicting novels that will hook them so good they’ll have to draw fan art (and they will)!