I represent Young Adult and Middle Grade fiction in all genres, as well as Adult Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, and Romance.
Across the board, I am looking for diverse stories told by folks that share the same identities as their characters. Send me books with the representation you wished you had as a child! I am looking for novels with high concepts, new twists on old tropes, clever voicey characters, and lush worlds I can escape into.

If this sounds like your novel, please send it my way using the button below!
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The Goonies, Into the Spiderverse, The Giver, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Holes, Witchlings, Melissa, Sir Callie and the Champions of Helston, The Graveyard Book, Coraline, Over the Garden Wall, Ender's Game, The Dark Lord / Dirk Lloyd series.

    -    In all genres, I’m looking for stories with fast paced action and high stakes.
    -    Coming of age themes, puberty (especially from a trans or queer POV), first love, independence from parental figures, and making tough choices. Self-love and discovery, with all the hardships that come along with it.
    -    Adventurous fantasy and science fiction! I love all subgenres, from portal fantasy to urban fantasy, as well as genre blending.
    -    Trials, heists, treasure maps, competitions! I’m a sucker for the Hero’s Journey too.
    -    Stories that treat MG readers like the smart, capable kids they are.
    -    I am generally a better fit for Upper MG stories, and am not looking for funny MG novels.
Red White and Royal Blue, So This Is Ever After, The Atlas Six, Hell Followed With Us, Scott Pilgrim, Mob Psycho 100, The Legend of Zelda (Four Swords manga, Breath of the Wild, Young Link games), Wicked, The Adventure Zone, The Hunger Games, Infinity Train, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Lesbiana's Guide to Catholic School, Stranger Things, Carrie, We Set the Dark on Fire, Spin the Dawn, Out of the Blue, Death Note, Good Omens, Bodies Bodies Bodies, Donnie Darko, The Breakfast Club, Welcome to Hell.

    -    I am seeking all genres of YA and YA/Adult crossover novels. Fantasy is my favorite!
    -    I am particularly drawn to fast paced, high concept stories set in new, immersive worlds. Adventurous tales with high stakes, drama, and suspense that keep me on the edge of my seat are a must!
    -    Powerful, snarky, morally grey, smart protagonists and villains.
   -    Romance subplots, especially LGBTQ+ ones.
    -    I’m a sucker for competitions in YA too. Magic school tests, treasure hunting, sports competitions, debate teams, or even college applications!
    -    In fantasy, I love lush world building, magic systems with rules, academic settings, witches and vampires, and fairy tale/mythology retellings. Fresh takes on old tropes too!
    -    I’m looking for compelling and trope-filled romances. Love triangles, pining, enemies/rivals to lovers, "only one bed", villain/hero romance, and plot twists are all favorites.
    -    For horror, I’m looking for psychological, speculative, historical, and contemporary horror stories! Think Carrie, Stranger Things, Hell Followed With Us, Yellowjackets, and small-town scares. I love horror that takes reality or well-known scary stories and twists them into something new and terrifying.
    -    I would love a mystery/thriller novel in the vein of Knives Out, Bodies Bodies Bodies, Gone Girl, Phoenix Wright, or even S-Town. I enjoy genre blending in mystery too, so give me your speculative mysteries and stories with mystery subplots.
    -    I would love accessible science fiction that tackles modern issues like AI, robots, space travel, global warming, and near-future settings. Utopias and dystopias are big favorites too!
Fantasy: Pan's Labyrinth, Legends and Lattes, The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue, Emily Wilde's Encyclopedia of Faeries, Princess Mononoke.
Sci-Fi: Everything Everywhere All At Once, Ender's Game, Farenheit 451, Nope, The Expanse, The Martian, Interstellar, The Matrix, Blade Runner, Star Wars, Inception, Back to the Future.
Romance: A Discovery of Witches, Red White and Royal Blue, Pride and Prejudice, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Midnight in Paris, The Shape of Water, Groundhog Day, Pretty Woman.
Horror: Saltburn, The Shining, Silence of the Lambs, Parasite, Get Out, Midsommar, Gone Girl, Frankenstein, 10 Cloverfield Lane, Paranormal Activity.

    -    Across the board, I'm seeking diverse stories that bend or blend genres! Send me horror-romances, sci-fi horrors, SFF blends, and historical fantasies!
    -    For Adult Fantasy, I am looking for high concept, fast paced, high stakes commercial stories. New twists on old tropes and diverse retellings are evergreen favorites. I love fantasy that makes me see our world differently, or allows me to escape into a new one. Dark and cozy fantasy are both of interest to me. I am especially looking for YA/Adult crossovers in fantasy, and anything on my YA MSWL would appeal to me here as well.
    -    For Adult Sci-Fi, I love stories that are grounded in reality and make the science part feel real. Near future settings, aliens, androids and AI, parallel worlds, and alternate realities are all of interest! I am also open to time travel, butterfly effect, and "weird" science fiction that will keep me guessing. Fast paced and high concept is a must!
    -    For Adult Romance, I am only interested in LGBTQ+ romance. I am particularly drawn to romcoms and trope-filled books. Some of my favorite romance tropes are enemies/rivals to lovers, slow burn, love triangles, villain/hero, and soulmates. Subversions of these tropes, especially to be more diverse or inclusive, will always appeal to me! I especially love romance within genre fiction, like romantasy and horror-romance.
    -    For Adult Horror, I love psychological, cerebral horror and books that will make me see things differently. I love it when a book can scare me, but I especially love horror that stems from the real world. Social commentary, stories based on real local legends, and diverse protagonists. I would love a queer and/or trans horror novel too in the vein of Saltburn or Hell Followed With Us.
MY FAVORITES: Death Note, Mob Psycho 100, Oyasumi PunPun, My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness, Witchy, Heartstoppers, This One Summer, Gender Queer, Fun Home, The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords, Seconds, Scott Pilgrim, Devil's Candy.

    -    I am open to graphic novels from Author-Illustrators only.
    -    I'm looking for MG, YA, and Adult in all genres, fiction & nonfiction. Autobio comics are especially welcome!
    -    I would love anything that fits my general MSWL here!
    -    Contemporary coming of age stories in MG, especially from diverse and underrepresented creators.
    -    Fast paced, action-packed YA and MG genre fiction. Sword & Sorcery, space travel, modern horror stories, and historical romance are all of interest!
    -    Adult graphic novels that explore adulthood in accessible ways. Inio Asano's work, Fun Home, and My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness are good examples of what I'm looking for.

    -    Trans and/or nonbinary protagonists!
    -    OwnVoices disability and mental health representation.
    -    LGBTQ+ villain/hero romances in fantasy. Enemies to lovers is a plus.
    -    Villain protagonists.
    -    Corruption arcs / negative character development. Subversion of the chosen one trope too, like anti-chosen one or unchosen one, etc.
    -    Vampires, Fae, demons, witches, ghosts, psychics, as well as paranormal beings that are less frequently seen.
    -    Heist novels in the vein of Ocean's 11, but make it diverse and put a genre fiction spin on it.
    -    College and academic settings in genre fiction!
    -    Unique magic systems never seen before.
    -    Fantasy where disability, identity, or mental health is an integral component to the world building or magic system! Not a 'magic can heal you' situation, but rather a 'your unique traits make you a powerful wizard' one.
    -    I love a good retelling or a story based on myths/legends. Especially if it's one I've never seen before, or a very fresh take on a classic. I'm tired of Disney's fairy tales, so show me something different and exciting!
    -    I am always open to fanfiction writers who are making the jump to original fiction!

    -    Straight romances. You can send them, but they're not typically my cup of tea.
    -    War as the main conflict, especially in fantasy.
    -    Police & military officers as protagonists.
    -    Talking animals and animal POVs.
    -    Novels in verse.
    -    Books featuring violence against marginalized groups.
    -    I do not accept Picture Books, Chapter Books, Nonfiction, or Memoirs at this time.
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