Thank you for your interest in querying me! I would love to consider your manuscript, so here are some guidelines on how to best reach out.
    1. I only accept queries via my QueryManager link. Please do not email or DM me on social media with your query because I will have to delete it unread. Please also read my MSWL before querying, as I only accept books in specific genre and age categories.
    2. Please format and edit your queries appropriately. For query writing advice, check out this article by NY Book Editors or this YouTube video by BookEnds! I personally enjoy the Hook, Book, Cook format, but there are many options to choose from.
    3. All manuscripts should be complete, original novels. The use of AI will result in an auto-rejection. Please do not query me with a pitch, an unfinished novel, or an unedited one. All query-ready books should be as polished as possible.
    4. The mandatory QueryManager sections are your preferred/pen name, email address, pronouns, similar books/comps, query letter, book name, word count, and genre. You'll need to know your novel's age group (MG - Middle Grade, YA - Young Adult, or Adult) and genre (Fantasy, Romance, Horror, etc.) for this section. I also request the first chapter of your novel as part of the submission materials.
    5. Once you've submitted your query, you will get an email from QueryManager confirming I have received it. Please allow up to 90 days for a response before nudging me. I will do my best to reply to your query within 30 days of receiving it, but due to many factors which are outside of my control, I cannot guarantee a specific timeline for a reply. If I request additional materials, please allow at least 90 days again for me to read and respond. I promise I will do my best to get back to you in a timely manner, but I hope these dates can help ease any concerns you may have about my querying timelines.
    6. If I am not open to queries, you can find information on my reopening dates here, on the MSWL page, on my Twitter, and on the LDLA website.
I know how anxiety inducing querying can be. Trust me, I've done it myself! To help ease any concerns you might have, here is some additional information.
For the "similar books" section on the QueryManager form, I'd like you to provide at least three books that were released in the last five years that are similar to yours. This could mean they have a similar setting, plot, genre, or age group as your novel, or they could be an X meets Y situation with two comp titles. The purpose of this section is to show me where your novel would sit on a shelf, as well as providing evidence that your book would sell in the current literary market. I would also love to see comps to films, musicals, or even video games! Any additional comps you provide do not need to be made within the last five years, as they're instead giving me a better idea of your book's content rather than its selling potential.
The additional questions on my QueryManager form are completely optional. If you don't know how to answer them, don't feel obligated to! I would love to know more about you and how your experience has shaped your novel, but these questions are not a requirement to query me.
If you are concerned about how to address me when querying, please don't worry! I am happy with any form of "Dear Aiden" or "Dear Aiden Siobhan", but if you must use an honorific, please use Mx. for me. My name is pronounced "eye-den shuh-vahn."

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